homeschool days

The third Tuesday of each month, September 2017 – April 2018, is Homeschool Day at Discovery Park of America and we are proud to extend our lowest admission rate to all homeschooled students as part of this year’s Homeschool Day offerings!

Member General Admission Included with Membership!
Student General Admission $8.00
Member Program Ticket $4.00 per student
Non Member Program Ticket $6.00 per student
Adult Admission $14.95

Homeschool Day student General Admission tickets may only be purchased at our ticket counter on Homeschool Days.

Programs are available for students in grades 1 – 9. There are 24 seats in each program. Tickets are required and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. These tickets will be on sale in September and can be purchased online or by calling 731-885-5455.

The curriculum is designed so that each program is a complete, stand-alone experience, but students participating in multiple programs will benefit as connections are drawn across the material presented.

Parents will not be admitted into the program space. The programs will be led by two members of our staff, with no less than two adults in the room with students at all times. Our staff is composed of experienced teachers and educators, and every member of our team has been checked and screened.

Students will participate in different activities, depending on their grade level. The programs are designed to be cross-curricular, but each age group will have a different primary focus and each program will usually include an art or craft component.

Grades 1 – 3: Subject TBD

• Grades 4 – 6: Subject TBD

• Grades 7 – 9: Subject TBD